Thursday, July 17, 2008

pleasantries. . .

ive always been a movie junkie...i binge on movies especially independent and foreign films.
most of the short films from here, if i do get a chance to watch does make me proud. which unfortunately does not grow a pace where everyone enjoys a bit of it here and there. i got to watch series of Spanish indies, since it was like an homage to Spanish film that week.

A few of it I can remember watching:

Fernando Meirelles- CITY OF GOD

Pedro Almodovar's- TALK TO HER

and Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN surprisingly did delighted a local movie house and it crawled into a cable network. it did go through dubbing for the tagalog viewers which i did not appreciate since it's not their real voice. i don' know, i'd rather read the subtitles than hearing tagalog voice overs. i had always liked reading subtitles...

BELLE EPOQUE springs high school memories. i remember our guy classmates strategizing on how to get in the cinema [which was known to show rated R movies] since the rating, if i could remember was rated R. the next day, they were talking about it. i guess thats how lax things are around here or its just that they did pass looking that old farts.

***then i realized the day after, i had done a similar entry on my previous blog site....