Sunday, August 31, 2008

lmao. . .

i just had time to watch these guys. way back @ least 1 year in the archives are now featured in bubble gang show on fridays and has copy cats... i dont often visit you tube only when people recommend.
just watch and be entertained. lol. more on you tube: moymoypalaboy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

week of scrambles...

ive been in and out of the office, from one island back to the other island... client calls and monitoring of running and upcoming projects.

with the long weekend, we planned to have our sunday beachday to celebrate me and my nephews burthday. but come friday, he wasnt eating well and could not move as much. so they got him for a lab test in the morning and at 7pm of friday, he was admitted. he was under observation, until the next morning @ 10a, he was due for operation because it was confirmed, he had apendicitis. the doctor said after that it was a rare type of formation because usually its below the abdomen but his was above and tucked on the side. it has already hardened, meaning it already has been forming for quite a long time. now as we recount, hes had episodes of aching stomach and would have our theories of having gas, or just an upset stomach. not again and never again. we dont know much of our own body so we should just shut it and go to the doctor. biopsy will be out in the next 2 weeks. in his 10 years of life time, he already has 6 stitches and 4 staples *sigh* = 10. but i hope the beach day will happen next week, he needs the relaxation. hes like a walking old man, he cant walk straight yet but since i motivated him with arcade coins, i dropped him and my mom off at the mall to play today. they said he needs to walk, now hes

but countering the bad was something good. we had our first official wedding photog gig! yay. well i only have my digicam but i was there to support the bf. it was to help out a friend's young nephew with a very low budget ceremony so we didnt force the issue of payment. if they liked the pictures and they think he deserves something then itll be great. but then well dwell with the news that he has his next gig, this time, low budget as well but 10grand aint bad either.


Friday, August 22, 2008

earth news. . .

i know its not good to start a morning with depressing thoughts. you could roll your eyes over it but i hope not.

1. Greenland Glacier Breakup Suggests Imminent Disintegration (Petermann Glacier Break-up Alert!)

how would you save you and your family?
i cant help but think that we may experience earths terminal stages. we might be swept away by 'tides'... *sigh*

2. 1 dead after 2 quakes hit China-Myanmar border

this is one disaster where you get swallowed by the ground or if not get dumped with concretes, worse, while sleeping. we had one last 2 weeks ago, intensity 4 and at 2.00a. i woke up before it happened and the birds were rampaging in the cage. my bed was almost needing exorcism. all i could do was wait for it to stop.

ive always been careful and wary with what i use and eat. i try to do away with take out styros. i try to make my family environmentally aware, reusing plastic, using the green bag for SM groceries, reprimand the bf whenever he wants to throw out plastics and have it put in his pocket, reusing the other side of the paper, 6 years without pork, i need to move on to beef. trying might not be enough though.

but what can you do with food packagings? junk food, milk and juice cartons, pet and glass containers. should i not eat rice because bacteria in waterlogged soil releases methane? should i not belch or fart with the rest of the livestocks? In one day, a cow can emit ½ pound of methane into the air. Imagine 1.3 billion cattle each burping methane several times per minute! i will not use aircon in the office and sweat hard, hmm sauna *eyes twinkling*... going back... i shall not go to the mall? i shall not use a car to conveniently transport me from 1 point to another? its hard to rationalize it when you need things that are not doing any good to everyone else.

when i die, id still be contributing to the green house gas. my children would be wearing tank tops and shorts as the new corporate look. my childrens children will go to school on their bathing suits or a space suit.

i refuse to think that we be stymied by this but i sense defeat due to a lot of reasons. . . somehow, there are those who want to fight back, hydro power, wind power, solar and nuclear but only developed countries can afford these. efforts will just be ravaged since its not stopping it, its just delaying it.

i just hope everyone is conscious about this perhaps my optimistic level might raise just a tad bit.

have you lessen your contribution to destruction?

Monday, August 18, 2008

word of the day...

philter \FIL-tur\, noun:

1. A potion or charm supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love.
2. A potion or charm believed to have magic power.

transitive verb:
1. To enchant or bewitch with or as if with a magic potion or charm.


im currently listening to yael naims album. i just love the crooked english, the 'r' more enunciated, trying phonetical singing to loose the accent, the hint that english is not her first language, combined with constant high vocal pitch yet relaxed, minimalistic use of instruments and melancholic. a shift from english to hebrew is something i enjoy since i do listen to songs of different language. but hebrew is a first.
eventhough i dont understand, id search for english lyrics to at least know what the song is about. if none, then let it be. i was having a hard time with 'toxic' though..not because of the lyrics but does it ring a bell? its a song from britney spears she had chosen to do a rendition of. outrageous. i was trying to shy away and take it in a perspective as if it was her song. but then it fails since most of her lyrics are more sincere. another take, of her-song-perspective *hmmm*, just couldnt work, even with the instrument used...a flute to cap the song didnt help at all.

her voice is perfect as a philter to swoon someone.

Friday, August 15, 2008

2 flushy actions...

after 15 hours, im blogging again. this is my enthusiasm level when i get to start things... and im in a lackadaisical mode around the office and yet im in turmoil with the reports. its the waiting thats futile.

tis my non shopping blog. *phew* i just realized that comfort rooms should be a positive experience but there are times that i just shut my eyes and hold my breath.
if you need to go, you have to go. what an awkward stance! ive had my shares of grace under pressure and horrid ones. thank god i havent had any unconscious treakings, uhh on second thought i get the conscious leaks in my pants lol!!! because you dont sit on the seat thats what you get! its a hideous predicament everytime!

its important that they have water, soap, drier or tissue, clean and good smellin. if none of the above, then i have my tissue, sanitizer, clumped nose, mouth and eyes. sometimes when i visit homes, its a room that i need to experience. not stalker type but yes browsing. i dont test stuff!

yesterday ive found a couple of comfort rooms that gave me 2 equivocal exhorts but what the hey.
first, i felt like i was outside. missing were grasses and soil. surrounded by aluminum steel used for roofing, painted with olive green, hoping that theres no crawling undercover animals.
second made me say awww... baby lusting? demmet. i even had a talk with my paps this morning, half asleep, re family and lkjdijderdfgreg.... yah that.


post bday shopping...

im not in my territory as of the moment. hoping itll waver me from spending.

before doing the rounds, i spotted a mini boutique outside. i said before we head out of the account, well pass by it and because i just wanted to see what they had. so after doing work- 20 minutes of my staff explaining and giving me a mini tour, it was a risky move to step into that little shop. there were blouses, dresses, havaianas were 15% off. i thought id get out my hands are free from any shopping bags, then when i checked the price tag, i got carried away...... im disgusted at myself.

its not even wearable during weekdays! weekends then, my saturdays are solved for a month.

***pink elephant shop. from top: Php149/$3.8, Php269/$6.11, Php269/$6.11, Php369/$8.38. total=Php1,056/$24.

can you blame me?

i bought an eco bag from the same shop. am not sure what i need it for. its as if i can say to the baggers, 'no, you can put my purchases in this bag', then id get interrogated by securities mistaking me for a shop lifter and be gawked at by sharp judgmental eyes.
i guess ill wait for that move to utilizing recyclable shopping bags in 5 years time? sooner i hope!
my sister bought crazy the marks and spencer organic bags and has 4 of them? i got motivated i guess. why the print? im a sucker for cartoonish prints and got the kids series.

no shopping for the next two weeks. ill focus on other stuff to blog about. uurrgh. must. resist. temptation.
trash me, i just love cheap stuff!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

burp day. . .

it depends if you might find my day dreary but i did what i had to do:

  • slept well and woke up around 9a
  • watched 'clueless' to revive and start the day right-my sister got a bunch of dvds on sale
  • blogged and read blogs
  • sent food to the office
  • gave food to kids and disabled, those who are on the street, random act of kindness, ive been doing this for 4 years every birthday
  • went to church
this was to make my day right and be in a good mood. there were attempts of texts from the staff but then in the afternoon they understood that i was enjoying my time away from it all.

as i was driving i saw this greeting:

*yes i hope you many too.

went to the mall to do very little of shopping since ive already given myself some early present: itouch and phone. i wasnt looking hard for a buy. but i got a few shirts. i just love the fringed cardigan. the other one says shopping girl. its really unbecoming of me. but because you get inspired once in a while, then you tend to choose out of your comfort zone.

**from july boutique, totalled to Php633/$13.18

had a simple sumptuous meal at home with the family.

thank you Lord for the day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

weekend charades. . .

again, a post of my sat working clothes, if you call it working. i was in my desk for 4 hours reading blogs and doing mails and out i went.

saturday relaxed-day: this is the capri that i bought last time with the belts. i had used it on a coporate monday with a pair of pumps. my sisters birks. roxy blue shirt and earrings i got for Php120/$2.70.

the bf and i went in search of that alternative lcd cheaper price just so to say i did not make an impulsive decision. well, i just got myself a new phone instead. i chose a more economical one and switched brands. as long as it can suffice my need for an internal memory for more message storing, the rest would be a bonus. but frankly im missing my old phone. it had more erks than the new one. i got the pouchette for Php79/$1.80, has two compartments to house both the phones.

sunday is a lazy day for us all. we usually wake up late. my nephew and younger sister just hanged out in my room. watching tv and online respectively. wed usually make pancakes or whatever we fancy making for **mirienda. since it was hot, we made ourselves an iced coffee beverage. thanks to mcdonalds for the Php20/$0.45 each coca-cola glasses.
the birthday is tomorrow. ill be sulking because of the number, ill declutter my room and life, ill be doing errands to do my to-do-list. ill be on leave. yay!

***3.00pm snacks.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

fashion bug. . .

as noted to self last 2 blogs ago to not be consumed of all the fashion blogs and yet i was gravitated by it. it inspired me to post my own...*eyes rolling but laughing to self*. of all, i usually dont succumb to my own peril but what the hey! dont expect it to be full body, im just not comfortable to be out there.
since im in a more conservative country, it is not expected that i have an out of this world wardrobe.

hey-day friday: levis jeans, wade studded flat shoes with my footsies socks of course, blue polo shirt-it was a present from my BFF-since-elementary-days own shop, earrings i got for Php250/$5.


Friday, August 8, 2008

my list on a plate. . .

after office, some of my staff would get a ride with me since we ride along the same way going home. yesterday i was lusting and contemplating for anything to buy, im not sure what im trying to cover up. the bf asked for my credit cards but its quite hard so i said 'ok, im going home straight'. before going home and left one of my staff in plaza, i stopped by the grand old church to check on bf because him and a buddy was having a photography session of the church.
we decided after to have dinner and shelled out Php348/$7.8 for it. calamares [breaded squid], seafood pizza, lemonade and 2 bottles of mountain dew. YUM! bf was not feeling well though, and with all the hot sauce, he felt the heat coming out of his eyes.

going back, still im itching to buy, here's the this list in my head to buy:

* a new cellphone- since the lcd of my N6280 is in jeopardy, the quote of recplacement was Php3k +/ $68, shell out a few more and i could get a new one. im using 2 sim cards for motorazr v3 [a hand me down from my lil sis as a replacement bu needs a battery change, Php800/$18] and nokia 3100, but it just frustrates me to have to clean up messages 5x a day!! for both! because it gets full. cit an hold only 100 msgs each.

*hamburger speaker- i was doing rounds after lunch in a mall and i got to stop by a techy store, when i went in we heard this loud sound of rumba playing. surprisingly, it was the little hamburger stereo speaker! its about Php1,100/$24 . it had great quality for a little thing. so it got me to scouting to know my alternative in prices. there were of different forms for Php500/$11, when i tried it, it just busted a very bad sound. i saw another hamburger speaker, different brand Php780/$17.5. but then when i saw the big ones, around Php1,500-2,500/$33-58, it got me to thinking, should i go portable or bigger is better. a valid conundrum...??

*lint remover- you know what its for

*wallet- i havent been using my adidas long wallet for sometime now but instead chose to use a pouchette with 2 zippers for my personal and for office related money. but because i saw a prada long wallet in ebay for less than Php2,000/$45, what a deal! i was the highest bidder but sadly it has a reservation price.

dammit. im not sure whats wrong with me but i need to get a grip. im trying to hold on to my reasoning, if the bf can find a cheaper price for the replacement lcd, ill settle for it, if not, a hunting i will go a hunting i will go! yippee!

***didnt use flash so i dont look like a moron getting a pic of the food. since its a handy digicam, i cant manually control its aperture. iso @ 1000


Thursday, August 7, 2008

reading through. . .

i have been busy reading other peoples blog, aside from doing office stuff of course. im trying to diversify my reads from fashion and photo but has a more personal basis.

i take a daily dose of some of my friends, they dont know that this blog exists because i have transferred and i havent informed them:

reading through and i hope you dont mind me mentioning you here:

3 days ive just been surfing and oggling through while downloading...


*** heres to summer then. bora.

Monday, August 4, 2008

word of the day. . .

obeisance \oh-BEE-suhn(t)s; oh-BAY-suhn(t)s\, noun:
1. An expression of deference or respect, such as a bow or curtsy.
2. Deference, homage.


my current food delight is just Php67 = $1.5. its a pasta with oriental flavors in it. its the kung pao chicken, surprisingly by kfc. recipe here if you decide to cook it. aside from my

eternal favorite zinger, this one made my list of no-brainer-choice fast food. i just hate the styro take out.
im becoming more biased with the containers and just everything that im using just so i can live comfortably. its a 360 degree turn of topic, seems appropriate though as everything is chained
anyway, going back. i was disappointed last night because my sis and mom brought me mcdonalds and i was salivating in my head for it. when i sent a text brigade, 2 minutes i hear the honk.
tonight, i stepped in the mall hours ago and i got what i hungered. 2 styros of it. 1 for me and 1 for whoever...perhaps if its still in the ref tomorrow, and me liking cold pasta, when i get home, its in the stomach.

this blog transcends obeisance to those who nurture a corporeal fix.
in short, hail to the chef!

Friday, August 1, 2008

the fashionable not. . .

im not a fashion junky but i try not to step out of the boat and get eaten by shark police. ive had my share of vertigo with fashion but its a mistake that now i laugh at with friends. undeniably, im not the only one! i shop and think about new shoes and stuff to buy for myself. just not overboard where my budget suffers for it. im earning for my future you know but will not give up of pleasuring myself at the present. as everybody would say, it would depend on how a person controls their urges.
my sis and mom came from a vacation to her hometown in the upper north area. great timing, my moms sister came home to have her vacation as well, shed usually lavish my sister with stuff and that she got a new phone and a few accessories she was sharing with us. these are some of it. i do accessorize but not recently. i try to go with plain jane, my usual ring, watch, earrings and from time to time, necklace. i want to try and look like fashionable / trendy but its unbecoming. the people in the office are not as fashion conscious so that gives me a reason to dress down. but mondays are a corporate-look-day. the rest, flat shoes, jeans, sneakers... i dont mind dressing up once in a while or whenever occasion arises. i feel fashion non-grata when i read other peoples blog with them dressing up and giving fashion opinions because i just feel that dont have the right to comment on fashion trends when im not one who is trendy. but i know what looks fugly and what is not an eye sore.

i didnt choose any accessory.

*note to self, dont read too much fashion blogs.
i read them because i admire the confidence.