Friday, August 15, 2008

post bday shopping...

im not in my territory as of the moment. hoping itll waver me from spending.

before doing the rounds, i spotted a mini boutique outside. i said before we head out of the account, well pass by it and because i just wanted to see what they had. so after doing work- 20 minutes of my staff explaining and giving me a mini tour, it was a risky move to step into that little shop. there were blouses, dresses, havaianas were 15% off. i thought id get out my hands are free from any shopping bags, then when i checked the price tag, i got carried away...... im disgusted at myself.

its not even wearable during weekdays! weekends then, my saturdays are solved for a month.

***pink elephant shop. from top: Php149/$3.8, Php269/$6.11, Php269/$6.11, Php369/$8.38. total=Php1,056/$24.

can you blame me?

i bought an eco bag from the same shop. am not sure what i need it for. its as if i can say to the baggers, 'no, you can put my purchases in this bag', then id get interrogated by securities mistaking me for a shop lifter and be gawked at by sharp judgmental eyes.
i guess ill wait for that move to utilizing recyclable shopping bags in 5 years time? sooner i hope!
my sister bought crazy the marks and spencer organic bags and has 4 of them? i got motivated i guess. why the print? im a sucker for cartoonish prints and got the kids series.

no shopping for the next two weeks. ill focus on other stuff to blog about. uurrgh. must. resist. temptation.
trash me, i just love cheap stuff!!