Friday, August 15, 2008

2 flushy actions...

after 15 hours, im blogging again. this is my enthusiasm level when i get to start things... and im in a lackadaisical mode around the office and yet im in turmoil with the reports. its the waiting thats futile.

tis my non shopping blog. *phew* i just realized that comfort rooms should be a positive experience but there are times that i just shut my eyes and hold my breath.
if you need to go, you have to go. what an awkward stance! ive had my shares of grace under pressure and horrid ones. thank god i havent had any unconscious treakings, uhh on second thought i get the conscious leaks in my pants lol!!! because you dont sit on the seat thats what you get! its a hideous predicament everytime!

its important that they have water, soap, drier or tissue, clean and good smellin. if none of the above, then i have my tissue, sanitizer, clumped nose, mouth and eyes. sometimes when i visit homes, its a room that i need to experience. not stalker type but yes browsing. i dont test stuff!

yesterday ive found a couple of comfort rooms that gave me 2 equivocal exhorts but what the hey.
first, i felt like i was outside. missing were grasses and soil. surrounded by aluminum steel used for roofing, painted with olive green, hoping that theres no crawling undercover animals.
second made me say awww... baby lusting? demmet. i even had a talk with my paps this morning, half asleep, re family and lkjdijderdfgreg.... yah that.