Monday, August 18, 2008

word of the day...

philter \FIL-tur\, noun:

1. A potion or charm supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love.
2. A potion or charm believed to have magic power.

transitive verb:
1. To enchant or bewitch with or as if with a magic potion or charm.


im currently listening to yael naims album. i just love the crooked english, the 'r' more enunciated, trying phonetical singing to loose the accent, the hint that english is not her first language, combined with constant high vocal pitch yet relaxed, minimalistic use of instruments and melancholic. a shift from english to hebrew is something i enjoy since i do listen to songs of different language. but hebrew is a first.
eventhough i dont understand, id search for english lyrics to at least know what the song is about. if none, then let it be. i was having a hard time with 'toxic' though..not because of the lyrics but does it ring a bell? its a song from britney spears she had chosen to do a rendition of. outrageous. i was trying to shy away and take it in a perspective as if it was her song. but then it fails since most of her lyrics are more sincere. another take, of her-song-perspective *hmmm*, just couldnt work, even with the instrument used...a flute to cap the song didnt help at all.

her voice is perfect as a philter to swoon someone.