Friday, August 22, 2008

earth news. . .

i know its not good to start a morning with depressing thoughts. you could roll your eyes over it but i hope not.

1. Greenland Glacier Breakup Suggests Imminent Disintegration (Petermann Glacier Break-up Alert!)

how would you save you and your family?
i cant help but think that we may experience earths terminal stages. we might be swept away by 'tides'... *sigh*

2. 1 dead after 2 quakes hit China-Myanmar border

this is one disaster where you get swallowed by the ground or if not get dumped with concretes, worse, while sleeping. we had one last 2 weeks ago, intensity 4 and at 2.00a. i woke up before it happened and the birds were rampaging in the cage. my bed was almost needing exorcism. all i could do was wait for it to stop.

ive always been careful and wary with what i use and eat. i try to do away with take out styros. i try to make my family environmentally aware, reusing plastic, using the green bag for SM groceries, reprimand the bf whenever he wants to throw out plastics and have it put in his pocket, reusing the other side of the paper, 6 years without pork, i need to move on to beef. trying might not be enough though.

but what can you do with food packagings? junk food, milk and juice cartons, pet and glass containers. should i not eat rice because bacteria in waterlogged soil releases methane? should i not belch or fart with the rest of the livestocks? In one day, a cow can emit ½ pound of methane into the air. Imagine 1.3 billion cattle each burping methane several times per minute! i will not use aircon in the office and sweat hard, hmm sauna *eyes twinkling*... going back... i shall not go to the mall? i shall not use a car to conveniently transport me from 1 point to another? its hard to rationalize it when you need things that are not doing any good to everyone else.

when i die, id still be contributing to the green house gas. my children would be wearing tank tops and shorts as the new corporate look. my childrens children will go to school on their bathing suits or a space suit.

i refuse to think that we be stymied by this but i sense defeat due to a lot of reasons. . . somehow, there are those who want to fight back, hydro power, wind power, solar and nuclear but only developed countries can afford these. efforts will just be ravaged since its not stopping it, its just delaying it.

i just hope everyone is conscious about this perhaps my optimistic level might raise just a tad bit.

have you lessen your contribution to destruction?