Thursday, August 28, 2008

week of scrambles...

ive been in and out of the office, from one island back to the other island... client calls and monitoring of running and upcoming projects.

with the long weekend, we planned to have our sunday beachday to celebrate me and my nephews burthday. but come friday, he wasnt eating well and could not move as much. so they got him for a lab test in the morning and at 7pm of friday, he was admitted. he was under observation, until the next morning @ 10a, he was due for operation because it was confirmed, he had apendicitis. the doctor said after that it was a rare type of formation because usually its below the abdomen but his was above and tucked on the side. it has already hardened, meaning it already has been forming for quite a long time. now as we recount, hes had episodes of aching stomach and would have our theories of having gas, or just an upset stomach. not again and never again. we dont know much of our own body so we should just shut it and go to the doctor. biopsy will be out in the next 2 weeks. in his 10 years of life time, he already has 6 stitches and 4 staples *sigh* = 10. but i hope the beach day will happen next week, he needs the relaxation. hes like a walking old man, he cant walk straight yet but since i motivated him with arcade coins, i dropped him and my mom off at the mall to play today. they said he needs to walk, now hes

but countering the bad was something good. we had our first official wedding photog gig! yay. well i only have my digicam but i was there to support the bf. it was to help out a friend's young nephew with a very low budget ceremony so we didnt force the issue of payment. if they liked the pictures and they think he deserves something then itll be great. but then well dwell with the news that he has his next gig, this time, low budget as well but 10grand aint bad either.