Friday, August 8, 2008

my list on a plate. . .

after office, some of my staff would get a ride with me since we ride along the same way going home. yesterday i was lusting and contemplating for anything to buy, im not sure what im trying to cover up. the bf asked for my credit cards but its quite hard so i said 'ok, im going home straight'. before going home and left one of my staff in plaza, i stopped by the grand old church to check on bf because him and a buddy was having a photography session of the church.
we decided after to have dinner and shelled out Php348/$7.8 for it. calamares [breaded squid], seafood pizza, lemonade and 2 bottles of mountain dew. YUM! bf was not feeling well though, and with all the hot sauce, he felt the heat coming out of his eyes.

going back, still im itching to buy, here's the this list in my head to buy:

* a new cellphone- since the lcd of my N6280 is in jeopardy, the quote of recplacement was Php3k +/ $68, shell out a few more and i could get a new one. im using 2 sim cards for motorazr v3 [a hand me down from my lil sis as a replacement bu needs a battery change, Php800/$18] and nokia 3100, but it just frustrates me to have to clean up messages 5x a day!! for both! because it gets full. cit an hold only 100 msgs each.

*hamburger speaker- i was doing rounds after lunch in a mall and i got to stop by a techy store, when i went in we heard this loud sound of rumba playing. surprisingly, it was the little hamburger stereo speaker! its about Php1,100/$24 . it had great quality for a little thing. so it got me to scouting to know my alternative in prices. there were of different forms for Php500/$11, when i tried it, it just busted a very bad sound. i saw another hamburger speaker, different brand Php780/$17.5. but then when i saw the big ones, around Php1,500-2,500/$33-58, it got me to thinking, should i go portable or bigger is better. a valid conundrum...??

*lint remover- you know what its for

*wallet- i havent been using my adidas long wallet for sometime now but instead chose to use a pouchette with 2 zippers for my personal and for office related money. but because i saw a prada long wallet in ebay for less than Php2,000/$45, what a deal! i was the highest bidder but sadly it has a reservation price.

dammit. im not sure whats wrong with me but i need to get a grip. im trying to hold on to my reasoning, if the bf can find a cheaper price for the replacement lcd, ill settle for it, if not, a hunting i will go a hunting i will go! yippee!

***didnt use flash so i dont look like a moron getting a pic of the food. since its a handy digicam, i cant manually control its aperture. iso @ 1000