Friday, August 1, 2008

the fashionable not. . .

im not a fashion junky but i try not to step out of the boat and get eaten by shark police. ive had my share of vertigo with fashion but its a mistake that now i laugh at with friends. undeniably, im not the only one! i shop and think about new shoes and stuff to buy for myself. just not overboard where my budget suffers for it. im earning for my future you know but will not give up of pleasuring myself at the present. as everybody would say, it would depend on how a person controls their urges.
my sis and mom came from a vacation to her hometown in the upper north area. great timing, my moms sister came home to have her vacation as well, shed usually lavish my sister with stuff and that she got a new phone and a few accessories she was sharing with us. these are some of it. i do accessorize but not recently. i try to go with plain jane, my usual ring, watch, earrings and from time to time, necklace. i want to try and look like fashionable / trendy but its unbecoming. the people in the office are not as fashion conscious so that gives me a reason to dress down. but mondays are a corporate-look-day. the rest, flat shoes, jeans, sneakers... i dont mind dressing up once in a while or whenever occasion arises. i feel fashion non-grata when i read other peoples blog with them dressing up and giving fashion opinions because i just feel that dont have the right to comment on fashion trends when im not one who is trendy. but i know what looks fugly and what is not an eye sore.

i didnt choose any accessory.

*note to self, dont read too much fashion blogs.
i read them because i admire the confidence.