Monday, August 11, 2008

weekend charades. . .

again, a post of my sat working clothes, if you call it working. i was in my desk for 4 hours reading blogs and doing mails and out i went.

saturday relaxed-day: this is the capri that i bought last time with the belts. i had used it on a coporate monday with a pair of pumps. my sisters birks. roxy blue shirt and earrings i got for Php120/$2.70.

the bf and i went in search of that alternative lcd cheaper price just so to say i did not make an impulsive decision. well, i just got myself a new phone instead. i chose a more economical one and switched brands. as long as it can suffice my need for an internal memory for more message storing, the rest would be a bonus. but frankly im missing my old phone. it had more erks than the new one. i got the pouchette for Php79/$1.80, has two compartments to house both the phones.

sunday is a lazy day for us all. we usually wake up late. my nephew and younger sister just hanged out in my room. watching tv and online respectively. wed usually make pancakes or whatever we fancy making for **mirienda. since it was hot, we made ourselves an iced coffee beverage. thanks to mcdonalds for the Php20/$0.45 each coca-cola glasses.
the birthday is tomorrow. ill be sulking because of the number, ill declutter my room and life, ill be doing errands to do my to-do-list. ill be on leave. yay!

***3.00pm snacks.