Saturday, September 20, 2008

bus ride...and continued

aug. 30~its fun when you have friends to tag along when going to outskirts or other provinces. but when its work, sometimes, the place looses its magic when you get to see the nook and crannies of that place. but i usually tend to stay at the hotel after work to sleep and watch tv. at home, id be slumped on my bed, get dozed off with the background of the tv, and my mom scolding me the next morning about it.

sept. 20 continued~ ive been having lapses with blogging. i guess if you dont have that many an audience, your not obliged to have entries daily. its one con if you have readers i guess but with work non-related to this blog, no pressure.
i had promised to lay off with spending for a while but then birthdays had occured so it gave me a reason to do a little bit of shopping -for the celebrants but alas, my sybarite ways has won me over. then i currently bought a coach clutch from ebay around $40.9*. my first official decadent brand purchase. i had to double check with my sister, we had to have video its more for my money+receipts+mobile phone handling. i dont want to further give excuses for it. i bought it. as im aware of the big brands but splurging into it will get me into trouble. id rather see savings in my bank.

* @ Php47 exchange rate.