Tuesday, July 22, 2008

feeling dessert @ 10pm...

***HK breakfast time.

courtesy of my friend, this pic has managed to give me a pang for a late snack and that got me started with junk food... tsk tsk tsk.. bad. ive been trying to keep off junk food and soda from my daily consumption due to its none content of nutritional value. ive been keen in what im eating mainly because i dont want to have much toxic in my body, i need to be healthy, and now with wider perspective, im doing a small bit of not adding to green house effect, its a long chain of event in the cows life to explain. but im sure there are those who choose to do the same, and thats still collective effort in truth.
ive been off pork for 6 years straight already. now im starting to be off from beef. due to limited availability of food for vegans around here, its a bit tough to go all the way. then ill try cutting off chicken and fish, which would take a bit shorter for the fish as anticipated since its not safe to eat it nowadays because of the chemical spills and dead bodies which became a buffet fit for the small gods. *chippy anyone?

*barbecue flavored corn chip