Friday, July 25, 2008

smells like my teen days. . .

*courtesy of eonline.

im not sure if i still wanna fan myself like i used to whenever i hear and talk about these guys. singing their songs while taking a shower, dance together with their videos and the cassette tape in the deck for constant play back. *ummm* smells like 80s spirit. reminiscent of my jumper and boots days, i didnt think i was in fashion at that time.
my girlfriend and i used to collect from magazines and we'd secretly exchange in a big envelope with a tag in front 'NKOTB'. id go to a bookstore that sells back issues so that it wouldnt hurt as much when cutting them out from their original leaf since i was buying it with my allowance.

its good to know i grew up normal by being a fan of these guys. but itll be weird making a comeback. its like old people watching and dancing in their concert....